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Double Mats

Double mat boards are a great choice for adding a pop of color, more stability, and added dimension to your artwork or print. With both pre-cut and custom cut options, the sky’s the limit when it comes to shopping for double mat boards here on In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the options available to you to make your next matting project a breeze! 

Pre-Cut Double Mat Boards

Pre-cut double mats are available in sizes 8×10 for 5×7, 11×14 for 8×10, and 16×20 for 11×14. Individual and show kit options feature the same color variations explored below. 

8×10 for 5×7 Pre-Cut Double Mat Board 

The 8×10 double mat board is acid-free, bevel cut, and has an exact opening of 4.5×6.5 (important for keeping your artwork in the mat). There are standard options available, such as black over black and white over white – but also some fun options such as a metallic gold bottom mat. The 8×10 for 5×7 double mat is available in the following color variations: 


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